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序號 論文題目 刊物名稱 作者 第一作者 (教師/博士生/碩士生) 刊號 出版時間
1 Quantum-entanglement   storage and extraction in quantum network node International Journal of Quantum   Information 山卓玉,張 勇 碩士研究生 ISSN 0219-7499 2018年第16期
2 An   all-optical switch based on a surface plasmon polariton resonator Modern Physics   Letters B 潘子娟,郎佩琳,段高燕 碩士研究生 ISSN   0217-9849 201804
3 Reference-frame-independent   quantum key distribution using fewer states Optica 劉宏偉,王吉鵬,馬海強,孫仕海 博士研究生 ISSN   2334-2536 2018年第8期
4 Passive   round-robin differential-quadrature-phase-shift quantum key distribution   scheme with
    untrusted detectors
Chinese Physics   B 劉宏偉,屈文秀,竇天琦,王吉鵬,張勇,馬海強, 博士研究生 ISSN   1674-1056 2018年第10期
5 Electromagnetic   Engineered Mechanical Trapping
    Potential and the Conversion in Optomechanics
IEEE JOURNAL OF   QUANTUM ELECTRONICS 孫 洋,高永潘,劉曉斐,王鐵軍,王川 碩士研究生 ISSN   0018-9197 201812
6 The   analysis of high-order sideband signals
    in optomechanical system
    Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy
熊曉然,高永潘,劉曉斐,曹聰,王鐵軍,王川 碩士研究生 ISSN   1674-7348 201801
7 Optothermal   control of gains in erbium-doped
    whispering-gallery microresonators
Optics Letters 劉曉斐,王鐵軍,王川 教師 ISSN   0146-9592 201801
8 Chiral   microresonator assisted by Rydberg-atom ensembles Physical Review   A 劉曉斐,王鐵軍,高永潘,曹聰,王川 教師 ISSN   2469-9926 201809
9 Gain   lifetime characterization through time-resolved stimulated emission in a   whispering-gallery mode microresonator Nanophotonics 劉曉斐,雷府川,王鐵軍,龍桂魯,王川 教師 ISSN   2192-8606 201801
10 AmplificationofAbsorptionInducedbyLocalizedSurfacePlasmons
Plasmonics 薛欽予,宋剛,焦榮珍 博士研究生 ISSN   1557-1955 2018年第18期
11 Excitonic   terahertz photoconductivity in intrinsic semiconductor nanowires Journal of   Physics: Condensed Matter 閻結昀 教師 ISSN   0953-8984 2018年第30期
12 First-principles   predictions of the geometries and electronic structures of tungsten   ditelluride nanoribbons Phys. Lett. A 王健豪,楊 巍,周 梅,楊宇,閻結昀,張 平 碩士研究生 ISSN   0375-9601 2018年第382期
13 Electric   field effects on the electronic and optical properties in C2N/Sb van der   Waals heterostructure Carbon 王小龍,屈賀如歌,崔 尉,支鈺崧,黃元琪,安躍華,戴憲起,唐亞娜, 陳偉剛,吳真平,唐為華 博士研究生 ISSN   0008-6223 201804
14 Stabilization   and enhanced energy gap by Mg doping in ε-phase Ga2O3 thin films AIP   Advances 畢曉瑜,黃元琪,吳真平,唐為華 碩士研究生 ISSN   2158-3226 201802
15 Arrays   of solar-blind ultraviolet photodetector based on β-Ga2O3 epitaxial thin   films IEEE Photonics   Technology Letters 彭陽科,張 巖,陳政委,郭道友,張 曉,李培剛,吳真平,唐為華 碩士研究生 ISSN   1041-1135 201807
16 Magnetic   properties and crystal structure of Ga2-xFexO3 Powder   Diffraction 閆 匯,黃元琪,崔 尉,支鈺崧,郭道友,吳真平,陳政委,唐為華 碩士研究生 ISSN   0885-7156 201805
17 High-insulating   β-Ga2O3 thin films by doping with a valence controllable Fe element Applied Physics   A 黃元琪,伍 涵,支鈺崧,黃亞磊,郭道友,吳真平,李培剛,陳政委,唐為華 博士研究生 ISSN   0947-8396 201808
18 The   structure and magnetic properties of β-(Ga0.96Mn0.04)2O3 thin film Journal of   Semiconductors 黃元琪,陳政委,張 曉,王小龍,支鈺崧,吳真平,唐為華 博士研究生 ISSN   1674-4926 201805
19 Optimizing   the performance of β-Ga2O3 solar-blind UV photodetector by compromising   between photoabsorption and electric field distribution Optical   Materials Express 王 霞,陳政委,郭道友,張 曉,吳真平,李培剛,唐為華 博士研究生 ISSN   2159-3930 201809
20 Optimization   of Growth Temperature of beta-Ga2O3 Thin Films for Solar-Blind Photodetectors JOURNAL OF   NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY 崔 尉,任 齊,支鈺崧,趙曉龍,吳真平,李培剛,唐為華 博士研究生 ISSN   1533-4880 201805
21 Electrical   and Optical Properties of In2O3 Thin Films Deposited on Sapphire Substrate JOURNAL OF   NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY 崔 尉,趙曉龍,安躍華, 姚國生,吳真平,李培剛,李玲紅,崔 燦,唐為華 博士研究生 ISSN   1533-4880 201802
22 Efficient   hyperentanglement purification using a Λ system coupled with a   whispering-gallery-mode microresonator Journal of the Optical Society of America B 陳德智,施 暢,王鐵軍 本科生 ISSN   1520-8540 201802
23 High-DimensionalBellStateAnalysisforPhoton-Atoms   HybridSystem InternationalJournalofTheoreticalPhysics 何玲燕,王鐵軍,王 川 博士研究生 ISSN   0020-7748 201811
24 Simulations   of Quantum Transport in Sub-5-nm Monolayer Phosphorene Transistors Physical Review   Applied 屈賀如歌,李秋卉,張巧璇,王洋洋,張 涵,李金珍,張修營, 陳冬雪,劉開輝,葉 堉,潘 峰,雷 鳴,呂 勁 教師 ISSN   2331-7019 201808
25 Ohmic   contacts between monolayer WSe2 and two-dimensional titanium carbides Carbon 李秋卉,楊 潔,屈賀如歌,張巧璇,徐 林,潘圓圓,雷 鳴,呂 勁 碩士研究生 ISSN   0008-6223 201804
26 Metallic   MoN layer and its application as anode for lithium-ion batteries Nanotechnology 張巧璇,馬佳辰,雷 鳴,屈賀如歌 博士研究生 ISSN   0957-4484 201802
27 An   analytical variational method for the biased quantum Rabi model in the   ultra-strong coupling regime Chinese Physics   B 毛斌斌,劉卯鑫,吳   威,李糧生,應祖建,羅洪剛 博士研究生 ISSN   1674-1056 201804
28 Quantum   criticality and state engineering in the simulated
    anisotropic quantum Rabi model
New Journal of   Physics 王藝敏,尤文龍,劉卯鑫,董裕力,羅洪剛,羅梅羅,游建強 教師 ISSN   1367-2630 201805
29 SnO2   -in-Polymer Matrix for High-Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells with Improved   Reproducibility and Stability Advanced   Materials 魏 靜,郭楓晚,王 茜,徐 坤,雷 鳴,梁永齊,趙怡程,徐東升 教師 ISSN   0935-9648 201810
30 Layered   hybrid perovskite solar cells based on single-crystalline precursor solutions   with superior reproducibility Sustainable   Energy & Fuels 黨洋洋,魏 靜,劉曉龍,王   茜,徐 坤,雷 鳴,胡文平,陶緒堂 教師 ISSN   2398-4902 201802
31 Optothermal   control of gains in erbium-doped whispering-gallery microresonators Optics Letters 劉曉斐,王鐵軍,王 川 教師 ISSN   0146-9592 201801
32 Chiral   microresonator assisted by Rydberg-atom ensembles Physical Review   A 劉曉斐,王鐵軍,高永潘,曹聰,王 川 教師 ISSN   2469-9926 201809
33 Optical   trapping of single quantum dots for cavity quantum electrodynamics Photonics   Research 張鵬飛,宋 鋼,于 麗 教師 ISSN   2327-9125 201802
34 Amplifying   the Interaction Between Two Identical Metallic Nanoparticles with a Large   Interface Distance Based on the Strong Coupling-Like Phenomenon Involving   Molecular J-aggregates Plasmonics 宋 鋼,馮 鑫,段高燕,陳圓圓,王 晨,張鵬飛,于 麗 教師 ISSN   1557-1955 201808
35 Strong   Coupling in the Structure of Single Metallic Nanoparticle Partially Buried in   Molecular J-Aggregates. Plasmonics 宋鋼,于麗,段高燕,王魯櫓 教師 ISSN   1557-1955 201806
36 A   novel Ag nanoprism@SiO2@QD composite nanostructure for nano-optics CHEMICAL PHYSICS   LETTERS 李連吉,郝亞楠,郭佳琦,王藝霖,于麗 碩士研究生 ISSN   0009-2614 201811
37 Directional   Optical Travelling Wave Antenna Based on Surface Plasmon Transmission   Line LASER &   PHOTONICS REVIEWS 丁銀興,宋小康,江平,焦榮珍,王魯櫓,于麗,張家森 博士研究生 ISSN   1863-8880 201804
38 Femtosecond   pulse with THz repetition frequency based on the coupling between quantum   emitters and a plasmonic resonator PHYSICAL REVIEW   A 李石磊,丁銀興,焦榮珍,段高燕,于麗 博士研究生 ISSN   2469-9926 201803
39 Independently   Tunable Ultrasharp Double Fano Resonances in Coupled Plasmonic Resonator   System IEEE PHOTONICS   JOURNAL 付宏雪,李石磊,王藝霖,宋鋼,張鵬飛,王魯櫓,于麗 碩士研究生 ISSN   1943-0655 201802
40 Independently   Formed Multiple Fano Resonances for Ultra-High Sensitivity Plasmonic   Nanosensor PLASMONICS 王藝霖,李石磊,張云云,于 麗 博士研究生 ISSN   1557-1955 201802
41 Multifunctional   logic gates based on silicon hybrid plasmonic waveguides MODERN PHYSICS   LETTERS B 崔魯娜,于 麗 博士研究生 ISSN   0217-9849 201801
42 Critical   behavior and magnetocaloric effect in monoclinic Cr5Te8 Journal of   alloys and compounds, 750, 798-803(2018) 張 曉,于天麟,薛欣宇,雷鳴,焦榮珍 教師 ISSN   0925-8388 201806
43 Critical   behavior of half-metallic ferromagnet Co3Sn2S2 Solid State   Communication, 281, 57-61(2018) 顏偉年,張 曉,石 奇,余驍昀,張志清,王 琦,李 思,雷和暢 本科生 ISSN   0038-1098 201810
44 Study   of magnetocaloric effect in half-metallic ferromagnet Co3Sn2S2 Results in   Physics,11,1004-1007 (2018) 石 奇,張 曉,楊 恩,延錦,余驍昀,孫 暢,李 思,陳政委 本科生 ISSN   2211-3797 201812
45 Detecting   directed interactions of networks by
    random variable resetting

史潤東,鄧長寶,王世紅 博士研究生 ISSN   0295-5075 2018年第124期
46 Graphene-templated   synthesis of palladium nanoplates as novel electrocatalyst for direct   methanol fuel cell Applied Surface   Science 楊胡江,耿 亮,張玉婷,常剛,張兆禮,劉 雄,雷 鳴,何云斌 教師 ISSN   0169-4332 201810
47 The   effects of attribute persistence on cooperation in evolutionary games CHAOS SOLITONS   & FRACTALS 楊 凱,黃昌巍,代瓊琳,楊俊忠 碩士研究生 ISSN   0960-0779 201810
48 Spiral   wave chimera in two-dimensional nonlocally coupled Fitzhugh-Nagumo systems CHAOS SOLITONS   & FRACTALS 郭雙建,代瓊琳,程洪艷,李海紅,謝發根,楊俊忠 博士研究生 ISSN   0960-0779 201809
49 Chimera   states in a bipartite network of phase oscillators NONLINEAR   DYNAMICS 代瓊琳,劉 倩,程洪艷,李海紅,楊俊忠 教師 ISSN   0924-090X 201804
50 Chimera   states in nonlocally coupled phase oscillators with biharmonic interaction COMMUNICATIONS   IN NONLINEAR SCIENCE AND NUMERICAL SIMULATION 程洪艷,代瓊琳,巫年萍,馮月娥,李海紅,楊俊忠 教師 ISSN   1007-5704 201803
51 From   collective oscillation to chimera state in a nonlocally coupled excitable   system NONLINEAR   DYNAMICS 代瓊琳,章夢婭,程洪艷,李海紅,謝發根,楊俊忠 教師 ISSN 0924-090X 201802
52 Approximation   methods for the stability analysis of complete synchronization on duplex   networks CHAOS SOLITONS   & FRACTALS 韓文臣,楊俊忠 博士研究生 ISSN   0960-0779 201801
53 Effects   of heterogeneous convergence rate on consensus in opinion dynamics Physica A 黃昌巍,代瓊琳,韓文臣,馮月娥,程洪艷,李海紅 博士研究生 ISSN   0378-4371 201806
54 Leaders   should be more persistent in evolutionary social dilemmas EPL 黃昌巍,代瓊琳,李海紅 博士研究生 ISSN   0295-5075 201810
55 The   effects of conformity-driven teaching ability on opinion consensus EPL 周嘉廉,黃昌巍,代瓊琳 碩士研究生 ISSN   0295-5075 201808
56 Preferential   selection based on strategy persistence and memory promotes cooperation in   evolutionary prisoner's dilemma games Physica A 劉淵明,黃昌巍,代瓊琳 碩士研究生 ISSN   0378-4371 201806
57 Vertically   standing ultrathin MoS2 nanosheet arrays on molybdenum foil as binder-free   anode for lithium-ion batteries JOURNAL OF   MATERIALS SCIENCE 郭一飛,齊興國,符秀麗,胡勇勝,彭志堅 博士研究生 ISSN   0022-2461 201811
58 Novel   Al2Mo3O12-based temperature-stable microwave dielectric ceramics for LTCC   applications JOURNAL OF   MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C 任俊卿,畢 科,符秀麗,彭志堅 博士研究生 ISSN   2050-7526 201811
59 A   novel composite of network-like tungsten phosphide nanostructures grown on   carbon fibers with enhanced electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution efficiency APPLIED SURFACE   SCIENCE 徐科科,符秀麗,李 宏,彭志堅 博士研究生 ISSN   0169-4332 201810
60 Microstructure   and microwave dielectric properties of Al2O3 added Li2ZnTi3O8 ceramics CERAMICS   INTERNATIONAL 任俊卿,畢 科,符秀麗 ,彭志堅 博士研究生 ISSN   0272-8842 201806
61 Controllable   synthesis of MoS2 nanostructures from monolayer flakes, few-layer pyramids to   multilayer blocks by catalyst-assisted thermal evaporation JOURNAL OF   MATERIALS SCIENCE 郭一飛,符秀麗,彭志堅 博士研究生 ISSN   0022-2461 201806
62 beta-NiS   modified CdS nanowires for photocatalytic H-2 evolution with exceptionally   high efficiency CHEMICAL   SCIENCE 官順東,符秀麗,張 宇,彭志堅 博士研究生 ISSN   2041-6520 201802
63 Facile   synthesis and photocatalytic activity of La-doped BiOCl hierarchical,   flower-like nano-/micro-structures MATERIALS   RESEARCH BULLETIN 徐科科,符秀麗,彭志堅 博士研究生 ISSN   0025-5408 201802
64 Fabrication   and Characterization of Two-Dimensional Layered MoS2 Thin Films by Pulsed   Laser Deposition Advances in   Condensed Matter Physics 焦 雷,王月暉,支鈺崧,崔尉,陳政委,張 曉,接文靜,吳真平 碩士研究生 ISSN   1687-8108 201804
65 Fabrication   of cerium-doped beta-Ga2O3 epitaxial thin films and deep ultraviolet   photodetectors Applied Optics 李文豪,趙曉龍,支鈺崧,張旭輝,陳政委,褚旭龍,楊胡江,吳真平,唐為華 碩士研究生 ISSN   1539-4522 201801
66 Orientational   Ag nanoparticle alignment from a facile ‘TEG-sol’ method Micro & Nano   Letters 張家萌,李林鵬,楊 蘭,王青敏,李海紅,郝亞楠,畢 科 博士研究生 ISSN   1750-0443 2018年第13期
67 Highly   dispersive Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 nanoparticles modified P(VDF-HFP)/PMMA composite   films with improved energy storage density and efficiency IET   Nanodielectrics 馮遵鵬,郝亞楠,畢美華,代瓊琳,畢 科 碩士研究生 ISSN   2514-3255 2018年第1期
68 Bandwidth   Enhancement of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Complementary Rhombus Resonator Wireless   Communications and Mobile Computing 陶 蕾,許建春,李海紅,郝亞楠,黃善國,雷 鳴,畢 科 碩士研究生 ISSN   1530-8669 2018年第18期
69 Phase   Structure and Photoluminescence of Pr3+ Doped (K,Na)NbO3-Based   Multifunctional Ceramics Journal of   Electronic Materials 陳 聰,譚臣林,張家萌,郝亞楠,郇 宇,畢 科 本科生 ISSN   0361-5235 2018年第47期
70 Outstanding   photoluminescence in Pr3+-doped perovskite ceramics Micromachines 張家萌,郝亞楠,畢美華,董國艷,劉曉明,畢 科 博士研究生 ISSN   2072-666X 2018年第9期
71 Thermally   tunable dielectric resonator filter”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds Journal of   Alloys and Compounds 王旭瑩,畢 科,郝亞楠,雷 鳴 碩士研究生 ISSN   0925-8388 2018年第749期
72 Hollow-sphere   SrTiO3 nanocube assemblies with enhanced room-temperature photoluminescence Materials &   Design 郝亞楠,張家萌,畢美華,馮遵鵬,畢 科 教師 ISSN   0264-1275 2018年第155期
73 Ultrafine   core-shell BaTiO3@SiO2 structures for nanocomposite capacitors with high   energy density Nano Energy 畢 科,畢美華,郝亞楠,羅威,蔡子明,王曉慧,黃云輝 教師 ISSN   2211-2855 2018年第51期
74 Enhanced   Photoluminescence Properties of SrTiO3:Pr3+ Nanocrystals by the   "TEG-sol" Method APL Materials 張家萌,郝亞楠,王青敏,許建春,郭麗敏,畢科 博士研究生 ISSN   2166-532X 2018年第6期
75 N,   P-doped CoS2 Embedded in TiO2 Nanoporous Films for Zn-Air Batteries Advanced   Functional Materials 郭麗敏,鄧吉楠,王冠智,郝亞楠,畢 科,王曉慧,楊 陽 教師 ISSN   1616-301X 2018年第28期
76 Switchable   Complementary Diamond-ring-shaped Metasurface for Radome Application IEEE Antennas   and Wireless Propagation Letters 徐豪駿,畢 科,郝亞楠,張家萌,許建春,戴 鍵,徐 坤,周 濟 碩士研究生 ISSN   1536-1225 2018年第17期
77 Semi-rational   solutions for the (3+1)-dimensional Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation in a   plasma or fluid COMPUTERS &   MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS 袁玉強,田 播,劉 磊,柴漢鵬,孫 巖 博士研究生 ISSN   0898-1221 201812
78 Numerical   solutions of a variable-coefficient nonlinear Schrodinger equation for an   inhomogeneous optical fiber

    殷慧敏,田 播,柴 俊,劉 磊,孫 巖
博士研究生 ISSN   0898-1221 201810
79 The   Nth-order Darboux transformation, vector dark solitons and breathers for the   coupled defocusing Hirota system in a birefringent nonlinear fiber
柴漢鵬,田 播,杜 仲 博士研究生 ISSN   0577-9073 201810
80 Lump   wave-soliton and rogue wave-soliton interactions for a (3+1)-dimensional   B-type Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation in a fluid
胡聰聰,田 播,武曉昱,杜 仲,趙學慧
博士研究生 ISSN   0577-9073 201810
81 Response   to "Comment on 'Soliton solutions and chaotic motion of the extended   Zakharov-Kuznetsov equations in a magnetized two-ion-temperature dusty   plasma'"
甄惠玲,田 播,王玉風,孫文榮,劉立才
博士研究生 ISSN   1070-664X 201810
82 Lie   group analysis, analytic solutions and conservation laws of the   (3+1)-dimensional Zakharov-Kuznetsov-Burgers equation in a collisionless   magnetized
    electron-positron-ion plasma

杜夏夏,田 播,武曉昱,殷慧敏,張宸榮
博士研究生 ISSN   2190-5444 201809
83 Lumps   and rouge waves for a (3+1)-dimensional variable-coefficient   Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation in fluid mechanics

殷 瑛,田 播,柴漢鵬,袁玉強,杜 仲
碩士研究生 ISSN   0304-4289 201809
84 Rogue   waves and solitons of the coherently-coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equations   with the positive coherent coupling

    張宸榮,田 播,武曉昱,袁玉強,杜夏夏
博士研究生 ISSN   0031-8949 201809
85 Rogue-wave   solutions for a discrete Ablowitz-Ladik equation with variable coefficients   for an electrical lattice
武曉昱,田 播,殷慧敏,杜 仲
博士研究生 ISSN   0924-090X 201808
86 Stochastic   soliton solutions for the (2+1)-dimensional stochastic Broer-Kaup equations   in a fluid or plasma
殷慧敏,田 播,柴 俊,武曉昱
博士研究生 ISSN   0893-9659 201808
87 Breather   wave, rogue wave and lump wave solutions for a (3+1)-dimensional generalized   Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation in a fluid

    李明珍,田 播,孫 巖,武曉昱,張宸榮
碩士研究生 ISSN   0217-9849 201807
88 Rogue   waves for a variable-coefficient Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation in fluid   mechanics COMPUTERS &   MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS 武曉昱,田 播,劉 磊,孫 巖 博士研究生 ISSN   0898-1221 201807
89 Vector   bright soliton interactions of the coupled Sasa-Satsuma equations in the   birefringent or two-mode fiber
WAVE MOTION 劉 磊,田 播,殷慧敏,杜 仲
博士研究生 ISSN   0165-2125 201807
90 Periodic,   complexiton solutions and stability for a (2+1)-dimensional   variable-coefficient Gross-Pitaevskii equation in the Bose-Einstein   condensation PHYSICA   B-CONDENSED MATTER 殷慧敏,田 播,趙新超
博士研究生 ISSN   0921-4526 201806
91 Dark-bright   solitons and semirational rogue waves for the coupled Sasa-Satsuma equations PHYSICAL REVIEW   E 劉 磊,田 播,袁玉強,杜 仲 博士研究生 ISSN   2470-0045 201805
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杜 仲,田 播,柴漢鵬,孫 巖,趙學慧
博士研究生 ISSN   0960-0779 201804
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碩士研究生 ISSN   0577-9073 201804
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博士研究生 ISSN   0304-4289 201804
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博士研究生 ISSN   0022-247X 201804
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博士研究生 ISSN   0749-6036 201803
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胡聰聰,田 播,武曉昱,袁玉強,杜 仲
博士研究生 ISSN   2190-5444 201802
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碩士研究生 ISSN   0217-9849 201801
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博士研究生 ISSN   1745-5030 2018年第3期
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博士研究生 ISSN   0924-090X 201812
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    dimensional Jimbo–Miwa equations
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119 Multiple   periodic-soliton solutions of the (3+1)
    -dimensional generalised
    Shallow water equation
Pramana-J. Phys 李葉舟,劉建國 教師 ISSN   0304-4289 2018年第71期
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    optimal control of forward-backward
    stochastic differential equations with Jumps via Malliavin Calculus
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     cross-diffusion systems
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    related to degenerate Schr?dinger operators
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馬利文 教師 ISSN   0888-613X 201806
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160 Existence   Results for a 2nth-Order
    Differential Equation via Variational
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    value problems on weighted finite graphs
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